Tips on how to care for your backyard

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A well-maintained nursery makes the home look good. The flower arrangements and overall design of the bed enhance the outlook of a home and could increase its value. Plants are also good for the environment since they help in purification of air. Knowing how to care for these plants helps a lot in doing things right. The infographic has all the necessary tips that will come in very handy.

To start with, you will need a scrapbook for writing down your plans. You should research on landscaping ideas, plants, and the soil. This enables you to know what might or might not work. It also provides a guideline to be followed from start to finish. Apart from budgeting, a plan ensures that nothing is left out in the process.

The next tip is all about transportation of the plants. You probably didn’t know that a ladder could help facilitate the safe transit of the plants from the nursery to home. You simply have to place the plants between the rungs of the ladder. It limits any movement which might cause damage during transfer. On getting home, you will have to facilitate further movement to the flower beds. This could be made easy if you improvise your wheelbarrow by fitting a piece of plywood to the backend with wood cleats. The wheelbarrow will end up accommodating more plants hence reducing the trips you will have to make.

Now that the plants have arrived, what remains is planting and caring for them. You will need a simple rain gauge, a wire mesh, among other tools. The former is meant to measure the amount of water that falls on your plants when it rains while the latter provides protection to the flower bulbs. It prevents animals from reaching the plants and destroying them. However, you should cut holes on the mesh to allow uninhibited growth and remove it entirely when the plant grows to maturity.

Other forms of care include pruning, restricting vigorous plants, and providing direction to root bound plants. Pruning helps flowers find sunlight and flourish. Hardy plants, on the other hand, should be tamed by planting them in a pot or plastic container lest they end up covering the entire area. As for the root bound plants, you should direct them to grow out of the pot so as to acquire water and other valuable nutrients.

When it comes to the containers, you could reduce their weight by filling ½ or 1/3 of the container with packing peanuts. These and many more tips should make planting easy and enjoyable. Having fun makes the hard tasks bearable. In the end, you will be very proud of yourself when the plants mature. Seeking help from qualified individuals is another crucial tip which needs to be followed. Some of the qualities to look for in such a company include being qualified, experienced, reliable, affordable rates, and a good reputation. One such firm can be reached on the phone through 012 004 1830. It serves individuals living within and around Centurion, Hillcrest, East, South and North Pretoria.

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