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Tending to a garden can be a rewarding activity but the removal of garden waste is never much fun. A good garden refuse removal service in Pretoria is your best bet when it comes to removal of all the dry leaves, twigs and weeds that accumulate throughout the seasons.

As a reputable garden service company, we have been in business for a very long period hence we have gathered all the experience and expertise that is essential in provision of high quality services. Whether you have commercial or residential property that you want cleaned, be assured that you will get the best. Using our modern equipment and tools, we collect all the garden litter, transport it and dump it in the required place, leaving your lawn spotlessly clean. We are experts in garden refuse removal and all our work is done in the best way to ensure that the client is always happy.

We have a well-trained staff that works around the clock in order to come up with newer and more effective garden clearance methods. Among the many services that they offer include:

  • Alien and invasive species removal
  • Debris removal
  • Seasonal garden clean ups
  • Refuse bins and refuse skips cleaning/ sanitization

garden waste removal pretoria

Our experts collect the dirt and rubbish, sort it out and dump it in the right manner. We aim to keep your home as clean as possible by using effective tools that leave no mess behind. Whether your property is an private or public estate our services are flexible and you can choose the date or time that you would like us to visit your premises. For a thorough garden clearing Pretoria service, call our enthusiastic professionals on today on 012 004 1830 and get rid of all that useless lawn litter today!

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