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The ultimate goal of any landscaping process is to design and create a beautiful and harmonious garden that will improve the appearance of the house. Our Pretoria landscaping experts aim to do exactly that by creating a beautiful garden around your house no matter the amount of available space. Unlike other landscaping companies Pretoria has to offer, we believe that our clients views should always be placed ahead of our work. Therefore, what you will get from our services is amazing plant combinations, form, texture, colour, design and groupings that are specifically done the way you wanted them.

When it comes to choosing the landscaping you want and laying down the plans and ideas, nobody can do it all by themselves. As one of the best landscapers Pretoria has, we will help you to come up with your wish list and then try to fit them in as much as possible without making the garden lose its appeal. Our company does not entertain trial and error hence our designs are carefully assessed before real gardening is attempted. Among the many services that we provide include:

Water features

Besides attracting butterflies and birds, a water feature in a modern garden design can provide ample space to help you relax with your friends and family.

Garden design Pretoria Service

When you come up with gardening ideas, you need to know that the front yard serves a different purpose to the backyard. Most of the time, the front yard determines how people will view your house while the backyard is your personal space.

Garden Electrics and Lighting

Lights can be implemented on your outdoor garden for different purposes such as accessibility, security, social and event uses, night-time aesthetics as well as enhancing the overall looks.


The non-plant part of your garden needs to be carefully designed so as to help you implement the correct structure when including vegetation.

Koi Pond Installation Pretoria Wide

If designed in the right manner, Koi ponds can be transformed to a spacious pond that gives fish excellent room to gently swim around the pool. This therefore creates an air of space and tranquillity that is excellent for Koi fish to thrive.

Landscaping Pretoria

Call our landscaping Pretoria service us on 012 004 1830 for more information and free quotes. We're also available for other garden-care services, including garden irrigation installations and garden rubbish clearance.

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